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Our Process


The first stage is centred around understanding your business and your ambitions. We take a six step approach:

  • Determine where you are
  • Identify what’s important
  • Clarify objectives
  • Identify your competitive advantage
  • Define existing and new audiences
  • Draft best selling and marketing activities

At the end of this stage, you have either formed or updated your business and marketing plan.


The analysing stage is focused on digesting your business plan and existing financial data to:

  • Determine long-term versus short-term financial goals
  • Highlight favourable results
  • Identify your blockers and barriers of success
  • Recognise key revenue streams and expenses
  • Assess historical financial data against key economic indicators and industry benchmarks

We now have essential information to create your financial roadmap.


The third stage is purely the construction of a comprehensive 3 way financial analysis;

  • A 12 month budget is aligned to your business plan
  • A 12 month cash flow statement highlighting your availability of cash and ability to pay your commitments.
  • A balance sheet to illustrate the net wealth of your business and its sustainable position.

We use advanced financial modelling techniques to forecast.

The above reports complete your strategic business plan.


The final stage provides you with ongoing clarity on your business status and includes:

  • Identifying under- performing business drivers
  • Analysing the reasons for any shortfalls
  • Highlighting over- performing components
  • Detecting high-risk operational concerns
  • Adjusting budget appropriately to stay on track

Our Budget Strategists conduct regular reviews to reveal if you are on track and flag what can and should be projected and tested.